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Priority Seating



Tickets and Parking

Stampede Club Members enjoy the best that Cal Poly has to offer in terms of seating, parking and access to Cal Poly coaches and student-athletes.

Seating location is based on the Priority Point System.

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Cal Poly Athletics Currently Offers Seat Options for Football, Men’s Basketball, Baseball, and Softball

Seat Options are the best way to guarantee the best seats in each venue

Alex G. Spanos Stadium Suites - SOLD OUT

There are a total of eight suites in Alex G. Spanos Stadium. Suites are leased for five years. Lease prices are currently $15,000 a year, and a significant portion of the annual costs for the suites is up to 80 percent tax deductible. Catering services within the suites are charged separately. The suites are sold out for 2011.

Alex G. Spanos Stadium - Seat Options - Very Limited Available

There are limited seat options still available. The cost is $500 per chairback and you will receive that seat option for five years. Eighty percent of the seat option amount paid is tax deductible. A seat option holder must maintain membership in the Stampede Club at a level that matches to the number of seat options purchased. Remember that seating will be based on the priority point system with highest priority being given to those that contribute to the stadium renovation project.



Mott Gym - Men’s Basketball Seat Options

We currently are selling chairback seats in Mott Gym. Men’s basketball chairbacks sell for $800 each and the license lasts for 5 years. To obtain season tickets to your chairback seat, a seat option holder must maintain membership in the Stampede Club at a level that matches to the number of seat options purchased. A personalized, engraved nameplate will be placed on your chairback seat.


Baggett Stadium/Bob Janssen Field - Baseball and Softball Seat Options

To get chairback seats for baseball and softball, join the Stampede Club at one of the giving levels and request baseball or softball as one of your sports and you will receive a reserved chairback for the season. You will need to renew your membership each year to have those same seats.



Donors to the Stampede Club alse receive parking passes for designated lots.

Football Priority Parking

Stampede Club Members who choose football as one of their sports will receive a permit for designated lots based on level of support. Seat Option Holders and members who give $1,000 or more will receive a permit for GREEN Lots. Members who give less than $1,000 will receive permits for GOLD Lots. See map below.

Men's Basketball Priority Parking

Stampede Club Members who choose men's basketball will receive priority parking permits for the Grand Avenue Parking Structure (Lot 130). See map below.

Baseball Priority Parking

Stampede Club Members who choose baseball will receive parking permits for Lot H-14 off of Via Carta. See map below.

All Other Sports Priority Parking

Stampede Club Members who choose any other sport will receive an Olympic Sport Permit that will allow them to park on campus at no charge.




For more information on Priority Seating and Parking contact:

Chris Baker

Associate Athletic Director for Advancement

(805) 756-7188

Email: baker@calpoly.edu

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