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Cal Poly Athletics Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Induction Requirements|Nomination Form
Name Sport Inducted
Donald Adams Boxing 1990
Mike Amos Football 2011
Marijon Ancich Football 2004
Dick Anderson Swimming and Diving 1991
Glenn Anderson Wrestling 2000
Richard Andrews Athletic Development 2008
Sandy Aughinbaugh Volleyball 1988
Robin Baggett Baseball 1998
Warren Baker Athletic Administration 2010
Bobby Beathard Football 1988
Vernon (Pinky) Bebernes Football 1988
Janet Benford Track and Field 1999
Ken Bos Wrestling 2011
Carl Bowser Football 2002
Alex Bravo Football 1988
Reynaldo Brown Track and Field 1993
Stephanie Brown Trafton Track and Field 2010
Vic Buccola Football 1987
Laura Buehning Women's Basketball 1989
Ellen Bugalski-Ferreira Women's Volleyball 2008
Robert Cardoza Athletic Development 2003
Burton (Bud) Chadwick Football 2007
Sean Chambers Men's Basketball 2005
Everett Chandler Athletic Administration 1996
Dan Chergey Baseball 2013
Jimmy Childs Football 2008
Teena Colebrook Track and Field 2007
Dale Creighton Football 2007
Pete Cutino Swimming and Diving 1989
Gary Davis Football 1990
Mark Davis Football 2007
Theophlis Dunn Men's Basketball 1996
1960 Football Team Football 2006
Desarie (Knipfer) French Softball 2003
Tom Gallo Football 2000
Mohinder Gill Track and Field 1993
Mike Giusto Men's Tennis 2013
Pete Godinez Sr. Boxing 2011
Norm Gomes Wrestling 1993
Tom Hall Wrestling 1990
Dave Hamer Track and Field 2004
Kristina Hand-Mathias Cross Country/Track and Field 1998
Sharon Hanson-Lowery Track and Field 2000
Sheldon Harden Football 1991
Amy Harper Avrit Track and Field/Cross Country 2013
Joe Harper Football 1997
Berdy Harr Baseball 1999
Lance Harter Cross Country/Track and Field 2004
Clay Harty Men's Soccer 2011
Scott Heaton Wrestling 2008
Curtis Hill Football 2000
Roy Hughes Football 1987
Louis Jackson Football 1999
Perry Jeter Football 1987
Ed Jorgensen Men's Basketball 1993
Mel Kaufman Football 1993
Tom Kline Wrestling 1987
Eileen Kraemer-Vukovich Cross Country/Track and Field 1993
Maggie Keyes Kraft Cross Country/Track and Field 1991
Mike Krukow Baseball 1987
Dan Lambert Men's Tennis 1993
Michael LaRoche Men's Basketball 1991
Thornton Lee Baseball 1988
Tom Lee Boxing 1990
Gene Lenz Swimming and Diving 1987
Chuck Liddell Wrestling 2009
Frank Loduca Boxing 1997
Rich Loomis Athletic Development 1996
Pat Lovell Wrestling 1989
Kevin Earl Lucas Men's Basketball 1995
Marie Lundie-Salyer Volleyball 1999
John Madden Football 1987
Dick Mannini Football 2010
Al Marinai Football 2000
Robbie Martin Football 2005
LeCharls McDaniel Football 2002
Kolleen (Kassis) McNamee Women's Soccer 2004
Steve Miller Cross Country/Track and Field 1998
Larry Morgan Wrestling 2003
Al Moriarty Football 2002
Hank Moroski Men's Basketball 1987
Don Morris Athletic Development 2000
Robert Mott Athletic Administration 1987
Dana Nafziger Football 1997
Bob Neal Football 1995
Howie O'Daniels Football 1988
Eduardo Labastida Ochoa Boxing 2000
Dave Oliver Baseball 1996
Richard O'Neill Athletic Development 1987
John Orton Baseball 1999
Tom Pagani Track and Field 2010
Evelyn Pellaton Athletic Administration 2009
Glenn Perry Swimming and Diving 2013
1968 440-Yard Relay Team Track and Field 2005
Sue Rembao Track and Field 2002
Carmelo Rios Track and Field/Cross Country 2013
Loren Roberts Men's Golf 1998
Robyn (Root) Schmidt Cross Country/Track and Field 2005
Jim Schankel Cross Country/Track and Field 1990
Stan Sheriff Football 1987
Steve Simmons Track and Field 2003
Karin Smith Track and Field 1987
Ozzie Smith Baseball 1987
Alex G. Spanos Athletic Development 2009
Algin Sutton Men's Basketball 2003
Chris Thomas Football 2007
Ted Tollner Football 1989
Cecil Turner Football 1989
Monty Waltz Baseball 2002
Mary Lou White Athletic Administration 1990
Fred Whittingham Football 2002
Barton Williams Track and Field 1998
Horace (Pinky) Williams Men's Basketball 2004
Mike Wilton Women's Volleyball 2011
John Woods Wrestling 2009
Steve Yoneda Athletic Training 2008
Bob Zoller Men's Tennis 2005
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